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Ryan Aurelio

Ryan Aurelio

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Introducing Ryan Aurelio

- the genre-bending musician who's here to shake up the music world with his unique blend of pop, reggae, Latin rock, and dance. 

Growing up in vibrant Mexico City, Ryan was surrounded by the infectious rhythms of Latin music and was influenced by bands like Mana and Los Enanitos Verdes.

As the lead singer of The Stu Tails, Ryan has become a force in the Reggae Rock scene, playing shows across North America and releasing 4 critically acclaimed albums. The band has been promoted by major international brands like Kellogg’s and has been featured during the Olympics, earning them a dedicated fanbase around the world.

During the pandemic, music venues were shut down, so Ryan began to work on solo music on which he writes and plays every instrument. The energy and momentum of the Reggaeton movement sparked a new fire within him, and he began to mix his Latin roots with his love for Reggae to create a unique and electrifying sound that shifts seamlessly between Reggae, Reggaeton and Dance.  

With the help of his long-time producer, Don Corrieri and renowned mixer Mark Plati (known for his work with David Bowie and Prince), Ryan's music has been elevated to an entirely new level. His lyrics are conscious and positive, speaking to the heart and soul of the listener. With the power of music, Ryan aims to spread positivity one beat at a time.